View towards the Ruwenzori Mountains

View towards the Ruwenzori Mountains

Kasiisi Guesthouse provides you with cozy and secure accommodation in the Fort Portal region of Uganda. Our picturesque guesthouse is located within the village of Kasiisi, near to the local primary school and offers spectacular views of the surrounding country and the legendary Mountains of the Moon.

We have four comfortable bedrooms that can sleep up to eight people. We also provide the option of 2 further beds in a permanent tent on a raised platform under a shelter. There is plenty of room for you to relax and read a book, both outside under the porch or in the banda enjoying the Ugandan sunshine or inside when it rains.


 In addition to our comfortable rooms, your stay at the Kasiisi Guesthouse will be enhanced by the following facilities: 

  • Our friendly staff who will cook fresh food for you, clean your rooms and keep the guesthouse secure at night                                                                                      
  • All meals including breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. We prepare delicious meals that accommodate any dietary restrictions, and are happy to offer packed breakfasts and lunches to accommodate your schedule of activities. 
  • Locally-sourced food, much of it coming from our own farm, and the opportunity to try local dishes
  • Internet access is available through your personal data stick or hotspot
  • A garden for you to explore
  • Hot showers using solar shower bags
  • Modified pit latrines with seats   
  • All rooms have safes to store your valuables                                                                            

Our Guesthouse reflects our commitment to conservation. Hydro electricity and the sun provide power, a biogas digester of waste products provides methane for cooking, and the use of water, at a premium during the dry seasons, is minimized by using solar shower bags and modified pit latrines.